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China’s History and Dynasties

China is one of the world’s four ancient civilizations, and the written history of China dates back to the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC), over 3,000 years ago. China’s timeline shows the rise and fall of the main 15 Chinese dynasties, and modern era governments.

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Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Tang Dynasty ruled one of the most powerful countries in the world. Its capital Chang’an (now Xi’an) was then the largest city in the world.

The Longest Day In Chang’an (长安十二时辰)


Synopsis: Zhang Xiaojing is a former soldier in the Longyou Army who served on the frontiers of the Tang dynasty. After retiring, he joined the local security of the city of Chang’an, the heart of the empire, but he was imprisoned and sentenced to death after an incident in which Zhang killed 34 members of a gang that murdered his former Army commander Wen, and then killed his current commanding officer.

Zhang is unexpectedly reprieved when plans for a major rebellion are uncovered, involving a terrorist cell, the Wolf Squad, which has slipped into Chang’an before the Lantern Festival, one of the most spectacular days in the ancient Chinese calendar. To secure the safety of the Chang’an people, the Jing’an Si (Department of City Security) grants Zhang a special 24-hour amnesty, and he is ordered to catch the terrorists and foil the plot before the day is out. If he succeeds, he will be freed, otherwise, he will be executed. But to his surprise, Zhang discovers that he has been drawn into a far greater conspiracy against the empire than anyone had suspected.

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Song Dyansty (960–1279)

Song Dynasty saw high levels of growth in the commodities economy, culture, education, and scientific innovation in Chinese history.

Serenade of Peaceful Joy (清平乐)


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